We Invite You to Join This Free Weight Management Program

If there’s one thing we love about being a Buck, it’s our connection to our loyal Milwaukee Community. We are proud to represent this beautiful city and we want to do our part to give back to our community members that could benefit from support through their journey to better health.

The Bucks Health and Wellness Program is the latest initiative of the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation designed to promote health by supporting underserved community members. Through the professional services of HMW Method S.C./Health Meets Wellness (HMW), the program uses a holistic and integrated medicial approach to weight and nutrition management. 


Program Details

 We are looking for motivated participants to begin a 12-month weight loss and wellness journey which includes personalized programs in Medicine, Nutrition, and Exercise, designed by HMW, to help create the best version of YOU!

This program is funded by the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation and is offered at no cost to its participants. Though HMW, eligible and enrolled participants will have access to:

HMW Healthcare team dedicated to providing high quality service

Comprehensive initial assessment with strength testing and biometric analysis

Weight loss medication

Blood work and laboratory analysis

Continued virtual and in person follow ups with your HMW healthcare team

Access to a mobile app which will provide you with a personalized meal plan, exercise program, as well as yoga and meditation videos

Participation will require a 12-month commitment and dedication to the program interventions. Mandatory attendance is needed for the initial weigh in and follow up sessions with HMW providers which will be once a month for the first three months and then every two months after that. All professional services are provided by HMW Method S.C.


Want to know more or have questions about the program?

Please contact bucks@touchcare.com today!

Bucks Health and Wellness is a holistic medical program sponsored by the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation. It is provided through HMW that specializes in obesity management in the underserved community of Milwaukee. Our mission is to help address the obesity epidemic by bringing HMW’s holistic medical weight loss program to those unable to otherwise afford holistic care and weight loss medications.

Bucks Health and Wellness is made possible by the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation with the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of the underserved in Milwaukee. We believe in empowering people to take charge of their health through personalized medicine, exercise, and nutrition programs that promote weight loss and wellbeing.

The Bucks Health and Wellness Solution

HMW provides a comprehensive weight loss management with doctor and dietitian visits, affordable nutrition recommendations, approachable fitness plans and health coaching. Our goal is to improve population health outcomes and longevity in Milwaukee by treating obesity and obesity related conditions.

Obesity Statistics


Obesity affected 33.3% of the US adult population in 2022


Obesity affected 37% of the Wisconsin adult population in 2022

Obesity can impact physical health as well as metabolic and cardiovascular health. It has been known to cause many other chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With preventative management, many of these conditions can be avoided and treated by treating the root cause – obesity.

Medications can be challenging to obtain and require medical management by an HMW physician. It’s also critical to use these medications appropriately for lasting outcomes by combining them with appropriate diet and exercise programs.


Want to know more or have questions about the program?

Please contact bucks@touchcare.com today!

The HMW Method





Baseline Assessment

An initial session with an HMW Medical Doctor to understand your medical history and weight loss goals

Initial nutrition assessment and consultation with an HMW Registered Dietitian

Onsite blood pressure monitoring, lab testing with phlebotomy, strength assessment and biometric analysis (in which HMW looks at your body fat percentage and muscle mass)


Health/Wellness prescription

Bloodwork review and analysis with your Medical Doctor

Receive a personalized medical weight loss plan from HMW

Access to your meal plan tailored to your wellness goals and other nutrition resources

Strength training program personalized to your fitness level

Access to HMW’s Member App where you can access your entire care plan and chat with your HMW care team

During your call with our team we will schedule your appointment to meet with our medical staff


Continued Support & Care

Continued assessments and consultations with HMW to ensure weight management success

Lifestyle medicine with health coaching and nutrition support

Glucose monitoring

Direct access to your whole HMW care team

Increased accessibility through a Member App

Scheduled meetings with your HMW care team to reach health goals


Learn About OUr Nutrition Resources

The Milwaukee Bucks Foundation’s goal is to make your health and wellness journey as easy as possible, so our HMW team has put together incredible resources that you can access at your fingertips, including delicious recipes, detailed grocery lists, and a breakdown of our Bucks Health and Wellness plate to keep you on track to your weight loss goals.


Grocery List

Our Plate


Want to know more or have questions about the program?

Please contact bucks@touchcare.com today!