Empowering Community Health Through Championship Excellence


At the core of the Milwaukee Bucks’ ethos is a commitment to excellence—not just on the court but in every facet of our community. Understanding that the strength of a team is mirrored in the health of its community, we recognize a profound opportunity to extend the sophisticated performance and wellness strategies that define our athletes to the heart of Milwaukee.


Our ‘Bucks Health and Wellness Program’ is not just an initiative; it’s a commitment to bridge the gap between the optimal health of our professional team and the less-than-optimal health realities faced by many in our community. By tackling obesity and promoting wellness, we aim to uplift not just individual health but the collective vitality of our city.


This program is our way of ensuring that the championship spirit thrives not just in our arena but in every neighborhood of Milwaukee. Our goal is clear: to create a healthier, stronger community where the principles of athletic excellence inspire and enable every individual to reach their full potential.