Justin Mazur, MD, CFMP

Board Certified Emergency Physician

Meet Justin

Justin Mazur joins the Bucks Health and Wellness team with 20 years of clinical experience working as a board certified Emergency Physician in Brooklyn, New York City and Philadelphia. After completing a certification in Functional Medicine at the Functional Medicine Institute, Dr Mazur is now dedicated to helping patients maximize wellness and quality of life through highly individualized care plans based on the latest research.   

Justin’s goal is to combine elements of traditional medicine with functional medicine to develop highly individualized care plans to address root causes of disease before they fully develop. Dr Mazur has been trained to utilize the latest advanced laboratory technologies when appropriate such as: amino acid and micronutrient profiling, hormone testing, and most microbiome testing. He has a special interest in the emerging role of the microbiome in disease prevention and overall health.   

Dr. Mazur is a strong believer in the importance of exercise and healthy muscle mass for optimal health. From blood sugar management to longevity, he believes that taking a holistic approach to medicine is the key to preventative medicine. He is excited to help patients transform their health through mindful sustainable eating and exercise programs. 

Outside of the office he enjoys skiing, literature and is excited to get back into tennis and gardening now with the warmer weather.