Susie Parker-Simmons, RDN

Director of Sports Nutrition and Recovery Services

Meet Susie

Susie Parker-Simmons, RDN is an Australian Sport Dietitian and Physiologist with a 25-year history of working in elite sport.

Her career has encompassed work in the Olympic Movement, Professional Sports and within the University system in both Australia and the United States of America. Susie is presently Director of Sports Nutrition and Recovery Services at the Milwaukee Bucks.

Susie has also worked at seven Olympic Games, including both summer and winter Olympic Games, and a Paralympic Games.

During her career Susie has also worked as the Head of Sport Science at Victoria Institute of Sport and High-Performance Director of Winter Sports at the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

Since 2005 Susie has also been the nutrition consultant for the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and currently she is the Past President of the PINES – Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport.